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Peugeot 1007 (2005-) It’s got electric sliding doors which is a novelty and it has a high safety rating but that costs you plenty. A conventional small car is better value unless this is around at a big discount.

Peugeot 106 (1991-03) Fun to drive and frugal. Small and could not be cheaper to run. Lots of competition now so prices are on the wane. Better from 1996. 1.5 D 58.7 mpg

Peugeot 107 (2005-) No nonsense small car which is very cheap to run. Not that refined, but it really does matter and it just gets better value as it gets older, a proper people’s car.

Peugeot 206 (1998-) Spacious good specifications and now price. Getting on a bit so early models are now great value as there are so many around. 2.0 Hdi Eco 62.8 mpg

Peugeot 306 (1993-02) Comfortable versatile and good value. Plenty around and that is good for low prices heavily revised from 2000. Lots of models to choose from and saloon is the cheapest. 2.0 Hdi 54.3 mpg

Peugeot 307 (2001-) Roomy and becoming affordable. Not perfect but bags of room for the family especially the estate. Increasing numbers around which pushes down prices. 2.0 Hdi 90 54.3 mpg

Peugeot 405 (1988-97) Great to drive and roomy estates. Looks very old now and consequently at budget prices. Only the estates make practical sense now. Saloons costs peanuts. 1.9 diesel 47 mpg

Peugeot 406 (1996-04) Spacious still stylish and great value. Very comfortable and smooth plus large numbers sold means that there are lots to choose from. Estates are brilliant. 2.0 Hdi 51.4 mpg

Peugeot 407 (2004-) Owners complain that too much time was spent on little gadgets rather than getting the basics right. But a strong all-rounder nonetheless. 2.0 Hdi 48mpg

Peugeot 605 (1993-98) Comfortable well equipped and cheap. Hardly any around and those that are priced to sell. Diesel makes sense and petrols least wanted. 2.1 DT 41.9 mpg

Peugeot 607 (2000-) Lots of equipment and sudden depreciation. That means buyers get a luxury car for less. Lack of prestige badge and complex electrics leads to lower values. 2.0 Hdi 47.1 mpg

Peugeot 806 (1995-01) Good equipment but boxy. Not a good looking people carrier but practical and certainly cheaper than the better known rival models. 2.0 Hdi 42.2 mpg

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